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ADVERTISEMENT - Torch - May 2017

MOVE AND BE HEALTHY – The Ladies Social Golf Club is recruiting beginners and or new members playing at Sefton Golf Course on some Sundays .


This was followed by a Radio interview Monday, 19 June at 4.45 pm - 2NBC 90.1


ROUND ROBIN 2017 will be held at Club Rivers Bingo Room

Club Rivers through the Board of Directors led by Michael Free and the sporting body led by Paul Reeves sponsors the Round Robin.  Oh, this is so much fun because all the sporting groups like Rugby League, Men’s golf, Ladies golf, Indoor Bowls & the Board of Directors all play against each other.  We have darts, indoor bowls, basketball, and some group games.  We do have winners and prizes are great.  This is usually held around July.  The next one is on the 9th July.  After this, we all have lunch with Helen’s who provides a wonderful array of food. Drinks are all provided.  I guessed we could say that as members of a sub club at Club Rivers, we are, shall we say spoilt…having fun like a family should be.


Some members hold practice games on a Thursday at 8.30 am either at Sefton Golf Club or any club of choice.  This practice session allows members to use all the clubs that is usually not used during official games.

The support and encouragement of these members during practice games are very valuable in learning more of the little details of the game.  For instance, what golf club to use with the regards to distance of the green or how to score properly in a stableford game and many other little things we need to remember.


Putting in certain greens are also very tricky so practicing on Thursdays is very useful.

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